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Ongoing & completed projects

Here we summarize our most important ongoing and completed projects at national and international level. However, detailed information can be found on the websites created specifically for these projects.

International projects

We prefer to implement international projects within the framework of H2020. This particularly well-known funding framework from the European Commission makes it possible to pursue unusually comprehensive and courageous research and innovation goals that, for financial reasons, would have little chance of being implemented outside of the funding framework. Last but not least, a highlight of H2020 projects are the international consortia, through which you get to know an enormously wide range of opinions and knowledge within the European Union.

National & regional projects

We use various funding frameworks and tenders at national and regional level. So it also happens that we are commissioned directly by clients to implement projects that coincide with our association's purposes. Projects at national and regional level often lead to concrete results more quickly than internationally oriented projects, which can be an advantage.

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